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Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine is a kind of auxiliary machinery of roll forming machine. It has small volume but significant use. Slitting machine can slit one plate into many pieces. It is one of the necessary machines for roll forming machine business.

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                              Slitting Machine

1.Components :

Slitting machine: Feeding car, uncoiler, leveling machine, slitting machine, scrap winder, tensioning machine, rewinding machine, unloading devices and other components.


Slitting machine is widely used in cutting roll material equipment. So every industry in the use of the word

1. Use for slitting paper packaging equipment which is currently the mainstream products, packaging market often visible.

2. The demand for sub-sectors strips of leather, cloth, plastic, film and so on.

3. As for the points of the metal coil slitting steel, stainless steel, copper ... which is mainly used in steel processing plant pod set steel market operators, rolling mill home appliances industry, automotive, stamping parts and so on.

2. Quick Detail

1.Suitable to process: Color steel plate

2.Width of the plate: 1000-1250mm

3.Dimensions: 3.6*1.55*1.51m

5.Power: 4+4kw

6.Thickness of the plate:0.3-0.7mm

8.Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3phases

9.Hydraulic: 40#

10.Processing precision: Within 1.00mm

11.Control system: PLC control

3. Specifications: 

Technical parameter





Pre-painted steel coil



Width of steel sheet

Maximum 1250mm

Yield strength


Slitting width


Slitter material

Cr12 mould steel

Cutter material

Cr12 mould steel

Numbers of Slitting blade

3 pairs

Working speed

15 times/min

Type of cutting

               length-set cutting

Size of machine


Control mode


Operating mode

Button + Touch screen

Electric condition

              380V/3Phase/ 50HZ

Main motor power

4 KW

4. Process flow:
Decoiling material→Guiding system →Slit sheet into pieces →Cut to length
5. Certifications:
We have passed CE/ ISO/ SGS Certification

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