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Classification of mechanical characteristics of production line

Classification according to the composition of production and processing equipment

1, General machine product line. Production line of general purpose machine tools using common machine, semi-automatic universal machine tools, automation or universal machines into production lines. This type of short line built cycle, low manufacturing costs, faster results, generally applies to the processing simple artifacts.

2, special-purpose machine production line. Special machine production line using special parts design and manufacture of machines into production lines. Such long production line building line design and manufacturing cycle, high cost, high productivity, suitable for special, complex components.

3, flexible manufacturing line. This multifunctional processing equipment by highly automated production lines (such as NC machine tool and machining center, etc), material handling systems, and computer control systems and other components. This small number of types of production line devices, mainly used in small quantities, varieties, production of parts of workpiece. But such lines, large investment, high technical requirements.

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