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The basic types of color-coated sheet

Cold-rolled substrate color coating steel plate

Produced by cold-rolled substrate color plates, with a smooth beautiful look and the processing properties of cold-rolled sheet; but any small scratch coating substrate is exposed to the cold air, so that the exposed iron red rust very quickly. This product can only be used for less demanding interim measures and for interior materials.

Hot-dip zinc coated steel sheets

Coatings organic coatings on hot-dip galvanizing steel obtained on products for hot-dip zinc coated sheet. Hot-dip zinc coated sheet in addition to the protective effect of zinc and organic coatings on the surface of the contact protection, prevent rust, heat galvanized for longer service life. Containing zinc hot dip galvanized substrates 180g/m2 by weight (two-sided), architectural exterior heat amount of galvanized zinc plated substrates up to 275g/m2.

Hot-dip galvanizing Al-Zn coated sheet

On request, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet can be used as a substrate for prepainted (55%AI-Zn and 5%AI-Zn).

Electro-galvanized coated sheet

Electro-galvanized substrates, coated with organic coatings derived from baked products for electroplating zinc coated sheet, because the thin zinc galvanized sheet, usually with zinc content of 20/20G/m2, so this product is not suitable for use in an outdoor production of walls, roofs, etc. But because of its beautiful appearance and excellent processing properties, so can be used in home appliances, stereos, steel furniture, interior decoration, and so on.