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Sandwich Machine Production Line

Sandwich Machine Production Line is a very useful machine production line which can apply in building workshop, cold storage and portable dwellings. The product of it has characteristics of light, insulation, hermetic, load-bearing and nice appearance.

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Welcome to buy or wholesale cheap, low price and customized sandwich machine production line made in China form our factory and check the price with us. we are one of the best sandwich panel roll forming machine, composit machinery, eps sandwich panel roof and wall roll forming machine, pu sandwich panel production line‎, rockwool board production line manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Sandwich Machine Production Line

1.Introduction of Prouct:

Sandwich Machine Production Line is two or more layers of the same or different materials such as cloth and fabric, cloth and paper, cloth and leather as well as a variety of plastics, rubber sheet roll is heated to melt them, half-melted state or in a special adhesive composite as one of the machinery.

Full set of lines forming press in part by uncoiling charging system, forming the host, cutting device composed of a composite part by the loading machine unwinding feed plate, beading, gluing, heating, composite, crimping, flanging (with tongue and groove), grooving, edging, pneumatic, automatic cutting, industrial computer control system, the machine uses low-speed precision metering pumps, frequency control, (or variable speed), computer-controlled, accurate measurement. The machine can be a variety of standard models of composite plates, corrugated board. Can produce thick 40-300MM, composite sandwich panels of wide 950-1200MM; thick 40-300MM, wide corrugated board 950-980MM of high-strength composite. This machine is suitable for color steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials for the outer composite outer layer, inner layer flame retardant EPS, rock wool and other materials. The whole machine adopts advanced production technology, mechatronics, board annual production capacity of 500,000 square meters. 


1, beautiful shape optimization, low noise, high production efficiency. 

2, which produces single pressure plate, but also the production of ordinary word aluminum composite panels, tongue and groove plug-composite panel, a multi-purpose machine. 

3, the host adopts advanced frequency control, automatic fixed-length cutting.

2. Quick Detail

1. Suitable to process: Color steel plate

2. Width of the plate: 1000/1200mm

3. Rollers: 13rows

4. Dimensions: 6.7*1.55*1.51m

5. Power: 25kw

6. Thickness of the plate:0.3-0.7mm

7. Diameter of the roller:Φ70mm

8. Weight: About 3.8T

9. Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3phases

10. Hydraulic: 40#

11. Processing precision: Within 1.00mm

12. Control system: PLC control

3. Core Materials

EPS  panel: Volume density16~20kg/m3, Side no straightness ≤1mm/m, radian≤3mm/m.

Width    Socket panel 1150±1mm

H panel Roof Panel    1200±1mm

Length unit should greater than 5m, board face should be smooth, denivellation should less than 1.5mm/m

4. Thickness AS Shown IN The Table Below















Should use self-extinguishing flame retardant type, oxygen index greater than 30.

EPS board rest of the standard should be consistent with the CB10801 prescribed standards


The PU adhesive strength should be greater than 10 n/cm2

Group A: appearance of yellow sticky homogeneous liquid. Viscosity ND0.4 ~ 0.7 Pa. S

Group B: look brown sticky homogeneous liquid. Viscosity ND0.3 ~ 0.6 Pa. S

A,B group matching ratio should be 1:1. 5. Glue should be without impurities

At room temperature and foaming time should be at 20 ~ 40 seconds, curing time should be in 50 ~ 70 seconds.

6. Main Component And Function OF Production Line

1. Core material rick for free

1.1. Blanking plate frame: place blanking plate coiled material, each side one, and each can be placed a roll of blanking plate

1.2 Down steel plate frame

1.3 There are two sets of drops of glue, and Make the uniform, to adapt different type plate

1.4 Equipped with a pressure blanking plate into "[" type blanking plate, with power plant

A. With the host compound speed synchronous mechanism

B. Several sets of forming rollers, To adapt to the produce of 50, 75, 100, three kinds of thickness of the plate

C.On both sides of the "[" type sealing plate spacing in 1103 mm can be fine-tuning

D. Equipped with two frequency converters to setup control movement speed

1.5.Equipped with steel plate cutting device to cut steel plate

1.6. Equipped with two sets of port plate CAM profiling

1.7. A pressure to strengthen institutions, can raise no pressure or down pressure to strengthen

1.8. One floodlight

2.Main Motor

2.1. Numbers of rubber roller compaction sandwich plate movement

2.2 One set glue and homogenize device

2.3. A set of glue pump components

2.4. A set of pressure to reinforcing rib

2.5. Cutter for cut the upper steel plate

2.6. One electric control box, two inverters, control host speed and the quantity of adhesive glue pump respectively.

2.7. 4 sets of Jack plate forming device, Can be individual adjust the feeding depth by manual and mechanical.

2.8. 4 sets of groover.

2.9. All kinds of beader

3.Two Floodlights

3.1. One escalator

3.2 coreboard cutter

3.3. One electric control cabinet

3.4.One builtin frequency converter for control cutting knife speed. One built-in variable process controller, control cutting knife automatic variable motion.

3.5. Pressure cylinder and reset the cylinder

3.6. One pedestal

A .Main transmission rack

B. assistant transmission rack

7. The Composition OF The Production Line

Down steel plate frame
Main motor
Cutting machine and the pedestal
Transmission rack1
Transmission rack2
Plate holder
Lifting Hook

1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set
4 pcs
1 pc

Color plate leader clips
Brake gear
Edge sealing device
Edge sealing steel strip holder
Touch screen
Corrugated roll forming machine
Block machine(optional)
Color steel slitter(optional)

2 pcs
3 set
2 set
1 pc
1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set

Various kinds special spanner
Infrared heating tube
Dust collection fan
Reinforced plastic pipe, sponge, air cushion plastic
Corrugated pipe
Glue dripping pipe
Anchor bolt

1 pc
1 set
1 set
6 pcs
1 set
1 set
16 pcs

Strainer device
Tracheal clip, folder
Sealing Gum

16 pcs
2 set
20 pcs
10 pcs

8.Packing Method

Main machine is nude; the computer control box is packed by carton box

9. Transportation

All machines need one 40 feet container to hold

10. Payment Term 

30% deposit by T/T in advance and 70% balance after inspection confirmation before shipment

11. Delivery Time

Within 30 days after receiving deposit

12. Service &Warranty:

1).We provide our customers with 24 months’ warranty.

2).Any parts damaged due to quality problem shall be changed for free within the first two years.

3).Technical guide is provided during whole life of the machine.

4). Oversea services will be provided but any cost thus incurred will be paid by the buyers.

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