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Related Knowledge Of Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine
Jun 12, 2017

    To improve the service life of the molding machine, it is necessary to carry on the daily maintenance work of the molding machine. Many people do not know how to properly maintain the molding machine, and then to tell you the correct knowledge of maintenance.

1, should always pay attention to the circuit board cleaning, regularly clean the strong and weak electric box dust, keep the electric box dry, lest damp.

2, check the oil circuit of all parts of the phenomenon, if there is a timely treatment to avoid the piston rod scratches and oily deterioration.

3, check the drive parts of the machine wear-free phenomenon, as well as each butter mouth has no blocking phenomenon and inject butter.

4, pay attention to the hydraulic oil should be replaced one years, and clean the oil tank sludge, timely cleaning water cooler to prevent oil temperature rise caused by accelerated aging.

    With the continuous development of society, our country is engaged in building block production equipment manufacturing enterprises are also constantly developing. Block forming machine is a kind of machine which produces new wall material block by adding a little cement, such as fly ash, river sand, stone and so on.

1, compared with the traditional machine, the raw materials of block forming machine use industrial waste slag, more environmental protection, more energy-saving.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

2, block forming machine is the use of three staves up and down pressure molding, after forming immediately can heap code, do not need to hold brick board.

3, block molding machine body using high-precision, high-strength material manufacturing, good steel, long life.

4, block forming machine is the integration of electro-hydraulic technology, high yield, good stability, low scrap rate.

5, block forming machine brick production cost is low, the profit is rich. can also be programmed according to production needs, to achieve semi-automatic, fully automatic operation.

  Technical equipment level of improvement: In recent years, cold bending machine equipment level has been improving, each enterprise through independent research and development or the introduction of advanced equipment, to make their own equipment level of continuous upgrading, process improvement, technology continues to improve, to achieve high efficiency of the production of high-quality products goals.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

   Industry Exchange, information sharing: the development of cold bending industry intensifies the competition between enterprises; competition has brought two of benefits to the industry, one is to promote the development of the industry, the second is to accelerate the exit of backward enterprises. Years of competition to enable enterprises to recognize the need for exchanges between industries, information sharing to play the advantages of enterprises, to promote the overall progress of the industry.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine