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Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine Production Status
Oct 09, 2017

Molding equipment is one of the main equipment in the production of carbon and graphite products. The molding equipment used in the factory is extrusion molding machine, molding machine, isostatic pressing machine and vibration forming machine. Extrusion Molding Machine Extrusion Molding Machine is one of the special equipment for the graphite industry for graphite electrode molding. For the EAF steel electrode, due to its special process requirements, most of the carbon plant is extruded by extrusion molding machine The working principle will be sent to the cooler machine, cool to the working temperature, 1 or twice into the extrusion machine room, the compaction, vacuum, and then Turn the chamber 90.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

Into the horizontal state, the main plunger began to preload, in order to further paste the particles through the variable diameter after the axial arrangement, to reach the specified time after the baffle, extruder began to squeeze the extruder in front of Automatic cutting machine according to the required length of automatic cutting, green electrode that is turned into the cooling roller cooling. The extruder is continuously pressed continuously until the paste in the chamber is squeezed.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

Fixed material room extrusion machine is intermittent extrusion, so the output is not continuous high extrusion. Rotary material chamber electrode extruder, with vertical feeding horizontal extrusion characteristics, which is summarized in the fixed material chamber feeding uneven after the improvement of the shortcomings. Rotary material chamber extruder should not only vertical feeding, but also to complete the level of extrusion, it must make the chamber 90. , Which requires the design of the extruder is flexible and reliable, can not make it seem complicated and difficult to manipulate.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine 35MN rotary material room electrode extrusion machine is China's current new large megger extruder. It is different from the same type of extruder abroad, mainly in the vertical feeding compaction device, do not take into account the pressure of the larger megacon, but the full use of the pressure of the master cylinder preload and squeeze, so that The addition of the feed compaction device also reduces the cost of the extruder and makes the host structure more coordinated and perfect. It is not difficult to imagine that when the preload is considered on the compaction device, the structure of the vertical press will be made more bloated.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine