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Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine Process Description
Oct 31, 2017

Hydraulic system design, in addition to accurately complete the molding process requirements of the action sequence, energy saving, high efficiency, low cost is the basic principle of hydraulic system design. Efficient energy-saving design points are: to avoid overflow and throttling losses, so that the hydraulic system output flow and load flow to achieve the best match; and variable pump control system has this advantage. Therefore, from the pure energy-saving design point of view, as far as possible with variable volume speed control system instead of quantitative pump + constant pressure overflow, throttling speed control system should be the best choice.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

Another program is: with quantitative pump + frequency control technology; quantitative pump + overflow throttle control + accumulator. Frequency control technology and variable pump control system, also has a complex technology, high prices. Quantitative pump + overflow throttle control + accumulator can not be done without overflow and throttle loss, but still has a certain energy-saving effect, and a mature technology, sensitive characteristics. Comprehensive cost, technical and operating costs, decided to give up the variable pump control system program, the machine's hydraulic system using a relatively simple, low cost, mature technology and reliable quantitative pump + proportional valve control + accumulator hydraulic system design.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

The design of the hydraulic system to ensure that the system has good performance, saving system investment, to avoid unnecessary waste of energy when the system is running, is to choose a suitable power and control system of the necessary conditions, but not the absolute conditions. The specific use of the kind of power control system, but also must consider the machine to complete the product process characteristics, the specific analysis of its conditions. At the same time, we must also consider the cost and technical conditions.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

Actuator configuration Based on the above analysis, the principle of improving the design is: the basic working conditions and structure of the machine does not make a big change, the basic implementation of components remain unchanged, increase the two-way mode motor, the system work pressure slightly adjusted, only part of the valve Control components to make some adjustments to meet the requirements of the new system.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine 

That is basically to maintain the prototype machine conditions. Reduce the workload of the secondary design work, less detours, increase the reliability of the secondary design, reduce testing, commissioning costs. It can be seen that the use of proportional control, the hydraulic system components significantly reduced the number of oil greatly simplified. Pressure, speed control basically achieved a continuous and stable conversion control requirements.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine