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Assembling Skill Of Large-scale Machine Production Line
Sep 13, 2017

     Machinery is an indispensable machine in the operation of large machines, at the same time, the general role of the bearing is to the motor to support the motor drive in the process of fixing and reducing the load friction important components, then the normal use of the bearing on the motor operation is a decisive role, so the analysis of bearings in the use of the following problems: the prevention of foreign body Assembly, When the bearing is mounted on the rotor to make a dynamic balance it is easy to rotate the balance of the resulting iron into the bearing interior, so it is best to load the bearings before the balance.Large-scale Machine Production Line

    When assembling in the bearing room with some oil or grease to lubricate the effect, but often the operator is difficult to control the amount of good, if oil or grease in the bearing indoor product leave more, the bearing rotates easily along the shaft into the bearing interior. Bearing room is best not to paint oil or grease, if not to be applied to control must not be in the bearing room accumulate.Large-scale Machine Production Line

    Paint rust Prevention: the characteristics of the paint rust is more in the sealed type of motor, the motor in the assembly sound very good, but in the warehouse after some time, the motor abnormal sound changed very large, remove the bearing has serious rust phenomenon. In the past, many manufacturers would consider the problem of bearing, but now mainly the problem of insulating paint. The assembly mode of the motor bearing, because the bearing is a high-precision product, such as improper assembly is easy to cause damage to the bearing groove, resulting in bearing damage. Large-scale Machine Production Line

    Bearing in the Assembly should be dedicated to the mold, can not knock at will, pressure into the shaft can only be small circle force, pressure large circle can only be large circle force. The assembly requires the use of air pressure or hydraulic pressure, when the upper and lower die in the horizontal state, if there is tilt will lead to the bearing ditch due to force damage, and the bearing occurs.Large-scale Machine Production Line

    Large-scale machinery selection principle is: should be in line with the state of the technical policy of mechanical equipment, in accordance with the development of the enterprise planning, according to advanced technology, engineering application, safe and reliable, economic durability, easy maintenance and manipulation, and thoughtful service principles. In addition, the selection does not have to pay attention to prohibit the selection of the state-related part of the certification design, manufacturing units of products, is strictly prohibited from the selection of the relevant parts of the national identification, testing products, no factory certification and no safety technology to monitor the certification of products, not suitable for the use of after-sales service and instructions are incomplete, incomplete products.Large-scale Machine Production Line