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How To Debug A Roll Forming Machine
May 20, 2016

Roll forming machine's embedded location of choice is very important, must be based on the machine's size requirements, selection must be positioned properly and firmly during installation should also be allowed when the strength of the installation in order to ensure the safety of workers. General factory molding machine at the factory have done tests in the factory before, during long-distance transport or is placed for a long time without reasons, roll forming machines in use before you debug, determine security work can be put to use.

When using debug needs to do the following:

First, need to check the roll forming machine in the transport process appears in the deformation or signs of damage, if it is important to note that, after maintenance before use.

Second, the place for a long time the main part is more likely to show signs of loosening, should you want to check,

Third, check the roll forming machine's moving parts if you need to add oil to prevent rust, or not used properly.

IV, you should also check the host and brake work is sensitive, the reaction rate.