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Introduction Of Automation Equipment For Large-scale Machine Production Line
Oct 20, 2017

Automatic production line manipulator is a kind of automatic device which has the function of grasping and moving workpiece in the process of automation production, it is a new device to improve operation safety in the process of mechanization and automatization production. Large-scale Machine Production Line

It can not only ensure the stability of product quality, consistency and uniformity, save materials and energy, improve product competitiveness, but also for high-temperature, noise, dust, toxic, radiation, danger and other environmental work, so as to reduce workers labor intensity, improve labor productivity. Manipulator is widely used in the machinery industry assembly and processing workpiece handling, loading and unloading, in a variety of machine tools are more commonly used.Large-scale Machine Production Line

At present, the pneumatic drive control circuit in the automation production line manipulator widely used, its multi-actuator multi-DOF pneumatic circuit design method is also a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to study a simpler and more stable full aerodynamic control system for manipulator with multiple degrees of freedom.Large-scale Machine Production Line Pneumatic manipulator can use pure pneumatic circuit design mode, with stroke valve and pneumatic directional valve to control, no electrical control circuit. This is relatively safe, there are fire, explosion-proof, moisture-proof capacity, can be used in the environment of the worse occasions, and the air is compressed, can store energy, to achieve centralized long-distance gas supply, for the pure aerodynamic basis. Pneumatic directional valve with two-bit five-way valve, no spring reset, with memory function, with manual function, easy to debug and reset; The travel signal is selected using two-bit three-way stroke valve for easy exhaust.Large-scale Machine Production Line

Stroke Program Control system Movement mode, is the previous execution of the component action and signal, the next execution component action is started, the action is completed and then send a new signal until the completion of the scheduled program. At least one cylinder reciprocating in a multi cylinder reciprocating system is two or more times or more than two times.Large-scale Machine Production Line