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Main Advantages Of Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine
Sep 13, 2017

    Gas-assisted injection molding technology is a new plastic injection molding technology, the principle is to use high-pressure gas in the plastic parts of the internal production of hollow section, the use of gas holding pressure instead of plastic injection holding pressure, eliminate product shrinkage, complete injection molding process. Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

    The process of gas-assisted injection molding mainly includes three stages of injection of plastic melt, gas injection and gas holding pressure. According to the different injection quantity of melt, it is divided into short shot and full shot, in the short shot mode, the gas first pushes the melt to fill the cavity, then guarantees the pressure; In the full shooting mode, the gas only acts as the pressure-holding function.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

    The advantages of gas-assisted injection molding technology are as follows: To solve the problem of indentation of workpiece surface, can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece. The thickening of the local adding air passage can increase the strength and dimensional stability of the workpiece, reduce the internal stress and reduce the warping deformation. Save raw materials, the largest can reach $number. Simplify the product and die design, reduce mold processing difficulty. Reduce die cavity pressure, reduce clamping force, prolong die life. The cooling is accelerated and the production cycle is shortened.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

    Compared with the ordinary injection molding technology, gas-assisted injection molding has incomparable advantages and is praised as a revolution of injection moulding technology, which has been widely used in almost all plastic parts fields, such as household appliances, automobiles, furniture and daily necessities. In the field of home appliances, TV case, especially large screen color TV front shell is the earliest and most widely used gas-assisted injection molding technology, one of the products.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

    Automatic wire forming machine, also known as wire-rod automatic forming machine, or CNC wire forming machine, is a wire bending molding process of an important equipment. Used in auto parts, daily hardware products, supermarket shelves display racks, pet cage culture cage, iron wire craft products molding, instead of the original tactics, the people from the simple and boring labor out, wire forming machine, to enhance the quality and efficiency of production.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine