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Necessity Of Large-scale Machine Production Line
Aug 08, 2017

     1. Energy: The main components of the assembly line energy: motor, gear reducer, manual transmission, inverter, machine frame and electrical components. The motor part is mainly the power size, the manufacturer buys the pipeline should according to the line body's length, the conveyer belt width, the workpiece density and the size and so on the disposition. and the manual transmission, inverter for the selection of the assembly line accessories. The two are just one. Manual transmission compared with the economy, and inverter compared to the main disadvantage is: noise, speed range small, by manual mechanical adjustment-Dangerous!Large-scale Machine Production Line
    2. Fuselage: The main components of the assembly line are: guideway, bracket, roller, conveyor belt, foot cup, pallet, etc. Where the pallet for the selection of accessories, the other several items are composed of basic line body must accessories! The size and quantity of these fittings are determined by the length of the line body. The biggest difference in the fuselage is the material. The material of the local accessory will determine the price of the whole equipment to a great extent! Therefore, in the selection of the assembly line to fully consider their use of the situation. Parts of the fuselage materials commonly used are: carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on! The lowest price for carbon steel, the highest stainless steel. Conveyor belt is currently widely used in the electronics industry is 2㎜, 3㎜ thick green PVC anti-static conveyor belt, plastic industry used in the green PVC anti-static conveyor belt and stainless steel mesh belt.Large-scale Machine Production Line
    3. worktable: The common form of pipelining is two kinds, independent and article. Users can be based on their own use of custom and need to purchase line. 4. Light frame, lighting: Light frame is the necessary fittings of lighting, instrument and instruction, the same material and fuselage. User purchase line, lighting lamp can also be based on the needs and interests of choice. 5. Instrument table: The width of the assembly line and the fuselage, the length is general and the line body and so on. 6. Instruction: Floor is usually colored acrylic board, the panel is transparent plexiglass. 7. Socket: For the operation of the power tools and instrumentation equipment installation, conductive materials, heat exchange equipment, chemical equipment piping.Large-scale Machine Production Line
    Belt line is widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, the assembly of objects, testing, commissioning, packaging and transportation. The line-body conveying can be selected according to the requirements of the process: ordinary continuous operation, beat operation, variable speed operation and many other control methods; linear body selection: Straight line, bend, slope, etc. Belt line is also called Belt Conveyor line, belt line, belt conveyor line, belt conveyor, belt production line. Model type: 1, the skeleton adopts: steel structure, aluminum structure; 2, table selection mode: Aircraft platform, Independent Workbench, long bench; 3, runner requirements: Unilateral flow channel, bilateral flow channel; 4, speed setting: constant speed, electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed.Large-scale Machine Production Line