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Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine Related Points
Jun 21, 2017

    Wall forming machine is the use of legislation model mold cavity molding, mold template forming, extrusion molding method of making wall panels, three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The use of template (mold) molding: commonly used mold template mold cavity molding, mold template forming, extrusion molding. Advantages: pouring more complex than the mold, the mixing of the slurry is even better than the uniformity of the advantages: the field of production of a variety of different materials, the use of a variety of materials, Composite wall panels, positioning accuracy, high precision, can be used in a variety of cloth tendons (cloth) form. The advantages of simple mold method are as follows: mold template is simple and low cost, and it is convenient to produce mold and cast slurry. Disadvantages: The precision of forming is better than that of one mold. Area: plate production line comprehensive investment is relatively low, the production is relatively flexible. Extrusion: the production of sheet metal density is relatively poor, the efficiency of relatively high relative to other processes; Disadvantages: the production of sheet geometry is slightly worse, cloth tendons (cloth network) than the other process is slightly worse, can not produce composite sheet; Prestressed member plate. Sheet molding material: the main use of light plate mixing evenly through the slurry into the template (cavity) molding.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

    Production process: legislation process: ingredients mixing → fabric (injection template) → conservation molding → finished product stripping; flat membrane process: ingredients mixing → shop → spread shop material → laying → processing → molding → curing → Finished product stripping; extrusion process: ingredients mixing → fabric (slurry into the extrusion chamber) → spiral extrusion → curing → cutting.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

    1, in addition to each class to the wallboard vibration guide rod filled with butter and the relevant parts for inspection, adjustment, cleaning, refueling and other routine maintenance, but also regularly do the following maintenance work; according to the actual working hours, the cumulative operation 1800 hours, need to change the gear box of lubricants, adding new oil before the application of kerosene or diesel fuel tank will be clean. Periodically check the gearbox oil level, if close to the lower limit should be immediately added to the upper limit. According to the provisions of the summer to join the HL-30 gear oil, winter to join the HL --- 20 gear oil, prohibit the use of different grades of gear oil. Oil seal failure should be replaced when the oil seal, 2, the wallboard machine vibrator should be the following provisions for maintenance; A, vibrator in the handling and operation, should pay attention to light to prevent damage to percussion. B, the appearance of the chassis should be kept clean, so as not to impede the motor cooling. C, vibrator operation, such as abnormal sound or abnormal vibration conditions and the smell should be immediately disconnected from the power, stop inspection. D, rolling bearing grease with composite calcium base grease, pay attention to regular cleaning, in the vibrator moving 150 to 200 hours to replace once, the coating can not be too much to fill the bearing cavity is one-third is appropriate to avoid bearing heat. E, regularly check the bearing, oil seal and other wearing parts of the wear and tear, such as the problem must be promptly replaced.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine