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Structure Of Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine
Sep 22, 2017

      At present, the industry to hillock stone (man-made marble) and evaluation is "there is market, owed profits", quartz hillock stone (man-made quartz stone) is "have hardness, owe density." vitrified beads and nanomaterials have been widely used in construction and other fields, and it is worthwhile to try to apply it to the expansion of the masonry to the wall.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

     The forming of two kinds of products, such as large size crystal mineral and vitrified micro-bead Light wall panel, have the technical requirement of no need nor hard pressure, so it is necessary to study the problem of whether the two forces of vacuum and vibration and the force of releasing vacuum are used. The stack base is a method of building a large stone from ancient times, the current vibration is the dense process of small particles of stone, the two are different and have the same density.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

     The current double horizontal shaft mixer and its vertical cloth bucket's hillock shape machine structure, only is suitable to the stone the maximum size choice in 12cm, its dosage also can only limit to 40% or so, therefore must form the pattern which the stone blocks the close stack base to be possible. For Crystal minerals with the permeability and the latent crystal and the natural texture, it has higher ornamental and market value only if it has a larger particle size and block degree, and the combination is close or artistic with each other. The texture also can be displayed when it has certain block degree and form, and if it is broken into small block, the polymerization effect will be affected.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

    Layered vibration and the process of Cascade base, is the overall agitation and strong suppression of the two molding process, only vacuum pumping and the lower vibration and a number of layers of the cycle to complete the formation of the waste material. Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine

    The process characteristics are as follows: the choice of base material is based on the choice of transparency or attractiveness, the block degree is generally about 20cm, with the manual apparatus carries on its rough shaping; the ingredient is the filler between the base material and the binder, can use 10% or so of unsaturated resin and stone powder mixed with the thick shape, and in the jade and other high-grade stone filling , the formula of artificial jade can be used to make it paste, so that the gap of its fill has the same transparency.Roof And Wall Roll Forming Machine