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Technology Of Roll Forming Machine Dies
May 20, 2016

Roll forming of an activity with a fixation with silk silk Board of relative movement. Roll forming is rolling in different structural design on the plate on the workpiece. Needed to roll out a variety of thread, convex ring, knurling, end angle and depth varies in width of grooves and other shapes.

Roll forming is more complex than the thread rolling, more demanding. Its design is different shape according to the workpiece, thread plate design into a section or several sections, synchronization can be used; also can use the classification. When the blank diameter along the axis at the same or essentially the same, Sync can be used-roll formed when blank diameter along the axis is not the same, when roll diameters of several different structures are needed, use hierarchical roll forming. Once rolling molding, and complex shapes can also be two roll forming

Compression molding is an advanced processing technology, its characteristics significantly affected by attention of the domestic auto industry. United States, and Japan and the United Kingdom, and Germany, and France and Russia and other countries are developing such technology, United States with roll forming process car hinges, up to 200 pieces per minute, compared with the original cutting increased by more than 40 times. United Kingdom, and Japan automotive industry also uses rolling production of automobile connecting rod part