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Various State Work Of Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine
Oct 20, 2017

The forming equipment is one of the main equipments in the process of carbon and graphite products production. Factories are commonly used in molding equipment extrusion molding machine, molding machine, such as static pressure molding machine and vibration molding machine. Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

Extrusion molding machine is one of the special equipment for graphite electrode forming in carbon industry. For the electric arc furnace steelmaking, because of its special technology requirements, so most of the carbon plant using extrusion molding machine extrusion molding. Working principle will be fully} Kun pinch machine, the electrode paste good to cool the machine, cool to work temperature, 1 times or two times add extruding machine material room, after compacting, pumping vacuum, then the material chamber will rotate 90.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine In a horizontal state, the main plunger starts preloading, in order to further enable the particles in the paste through the variable diameter section after all into the axial arrangement, to reach the specified time after pulling out the baffle, extruding machine began to squeeze, the extrusion machine in front of the automatic shearing machine according to the required length automatically cut, the raw electrode is turned into cooling roller cooling. The extruder continuously squeezes until the paste in the material chamber is extruded.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine The squeeze molding machine of the fixed material chamber is intermittent extrusion, so the output is not continuously extruded. The Rotary material Chamber electrode extruder has the characteristics of vertical feeding horizontal extrusion, which is a summary of the disadvantages of the uneven feeding of the fixed material room.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine

The Rotary material chamber extruder must be vertically fed and finished horizontally, so the material room should be rotated 90. , this requires that the structure of the extruder be flexible and reliable, it can not make it appear complex and difficult to manipulate. The horizontal material room is provided with feeding, compaction and extrusion are all finished by the main plunger of the squeeze head. Because the material room fixed, adding the material has the Panasonic dense phenomenon, although the paste plasticity is good, but the electrode in 22 speed clamping device, the material room vacuum system, the main cylinder, the rotary cylinder, the automatic shearing device, the pallet cylinder, the front crossbeam and the baffle, the machine frame and so on composition.Accessory Equipment For Roll Forming Machine